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Morning HDR

Photo I took this morning of the sky from my driveway. This was composed of 3 photos merged together to form an HDR photo.

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Ghost Sign

Check out this awesome photo of a “ghost sign” on an old building in Seymour, IA that I took yesterday .

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Here are 10 of over 30 sunset photos I took tonight while driving around Farmington, IA on my four wheeler.

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Iowa Sunsets

Here are a bunch of photos I have taken of sunsets in Iowa over the last few years.

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Website Changes

I plan to revamp the website here at Snap Geek Photography because the current layout is outdated and sluggish. Some changes I might bring to the website in the spring are: Making the website...

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RIP John Anderson

Photo of my uncle’s grave who died on Oct 22, 2012. May he rest in piece. Here is a Memorial Page for John Anderson I made a while back.

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New Shirts!

We had Insane Vinyls in Fairfield, Iowa screen print us some t-shirts for the business. I hope to eventually have more made up so I can pass them out to help spread the word...

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Allison’s Photoshoot

Here are some of the photos I took of Allison on our photo shoot session that was held on 8/18/2012.