Up until May 25th 2018 I was using the host Alpha Racks to host this website using one of their VPS servers, but then the unthinkable happened! The node that was running my vps server here at Snap Geek Photography LLC went down causing major disruption to this website. At some point during the downtime the folks at Alpha Racks took it upon themselves (without permission) to migrate my VPS server to a different node. Upon them doing so they managed to trash the entire VPS server and rendered it useless, I was later told that I need to rebuild the whole server which would cause total data loss.

Like any other person I complained about this and demanded answers as to why they would move it to begin with but heard nothing back but silence. I stated to them that I was planning to cancel my 7 vps servers I had with them unless I got some answers and again I was met by silence.

I ended up restoring the website using a backup I had from May 8th, 2018 to a new vps server with a new host. I was able to recover at least 90% of my content here but this did result in some data loss. A few days later Alpha Racks contacted me to tell me they fixed their mess up and when I went back into the old server to recover data I quickly discovered that the mysql databases were corrupt and beyond repair.

Long story short, Never trust your data to inexperienced cheap hosting providers and make sure you take frequent backups!

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