TFP Shoot Changes

TFP Shoot Changes

I have decided that I will be implementing a few changes on the way I do TFP (Time for Photos) style shoots for several reasons which I’m not going to get into great detail here.

  1. The model will be asked to sign a release form prior to the shoot. If the model refuses to sign then the photo shoot will not proceed.
  2. The photographer will provide final images to model with watermarks. Images provided without watermarks will be subject to a fee.
  3. I ask that models share the final images they like on their modeling profiles on: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc and tag Snap Geek Photography LLC in said post.
    1. Doing so will help promote and fund me to continue to offer TFP sessions in the future.
    2. Models that fail to meet this requirement might not get the chance to work with me in the future.
  4. The photographer will tag the model in posts posted on social media provided he knows the models social media profiles.

See the Terms & Conditions page for updates to this policy in the future.

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