Making use of

Making use of

Last year in 2018 I was banned 6 times on Facebook on two different profiles for posting photos of my work online which surprised me because none of the photos I posted contained any sort of nudity. I think somebody on Facebook just kept reporting me because they simply dislike me or just wanted to mess with me.

Regardless, Going forward in 2019 I plan to utilize this space here to post my latest out takes from photoshoots and company news vs solely using Facebook or Twitter to do such things because Facebook can’t censor my ability to write, blog or post photos of my work on my own website.

Over the next week or so you may see a couple new blog posts here with some sample photos from several photo shoots that I have already shot this year in 2019.

I plan to use something called IFTTT.COM to automatic publish my posts from to my Facebook page & my Twitter profile so we will see how well that works out.

Book me if you need some photography done and here’s to a great 2019!

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