Bucket List [NSFW]

Bucket List [NSFW]

This year one of my goals is to work towards knocking items off my bucket list as I explore different areas of photography to nail down my niche and work forwards becoming a specialist in an area of photography that I enjoy most.
To do this however I need models and lots of them who are interested in knocking items off my bucket list while signing a model release allowing me to use the images in my portfolio if I desired.

The List


  • Different facial expressions
  • Lighting arrangements
  • Different backdrops


  • High Fashion
  • Parachute Dresses
  • Long dresses


  • Spark photography
  • Angel Wings
  • Cosplay
  • Weapons (can be fake weapons)
  • Creative angles
  • Urban Scenes


  • Model with fireman suit & helmet (couple shots while topless, breasts can be hidden)
  • Model in a creative sunset scene (nude or clothed)
  • Nude model in a nude sunset silhouette or wearing tight form fitting clothing that shows her figure.
  • Model on a dock with a beautiful sunset behind her
  • Boudoir
  • Topless (breasts hidden or exposed)
  • Milk Bath
  • Low light w/strobes

Note: This list may change throughout the year. See this google doc for updates.

Below are some sample images that I have taken as some examples of what I’ve done and what I would like to explore more.


Some of the images below may contain nudity. Recommended for people 18+ or older.

Headshot Photography

Boudoir or implied/nude

Please contact me if you are interested in trying anything from my bucket list.

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