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So this photo of me accidentally got pushed out to my Instagram today and people just lost their freaking minds.

Only reason I didn’t take it down right away is because I don’t find it offensive. Instagram did eventually remove the photo though. Like Facebook I dislike Instagram too probably because they are both owned by the same closed minded company. I was surprised to find a few of my friends were liking the photo which I thought was cool.

So, why are people so offended by such a photo? It’s not like I was actually “nude” in it.

Actual photo of me nude #noshame.

I was wearing shorts granted you can see right through them but still. This is what is wrong with today’s society. Everybody is offended by EVERYTHING no matter how big or small it really is. Society teaches us from birth to wear clothes and cover up because nudity is wrong. Society teaches us that we should only be naked to shower and have sex.

Well I’m sick of what society says quite honestly! There is nothing wrong with nudity by itself, it’s people with perverted thoughts that makes it perverted. It’s closed minded individuals that make it perverted. Open your mind people and come into the light. Nudity is only as perverted as one makes it. Simply seeing somebody nude does not make it wrong.

Grow the fuck up..

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