ShutterFest 19 Outcome

ShutterFest 19 Outcome

Shutterfest 19 didn’t go exactly as I had planned it for several reasons which I plan to outline below for several reasons including some negative which I won’t go into great detail about.

I really hope Shutterfest 2020 goes a bit differently.

First the positive things about ShutterFest 19

  • When Shutterfest released the app and opened up the classes I did manage to get all my first picks which was really good news.
  • I met some great new folks at Shutterfest which I hope to keep in touch with over the next year and grow some stronger relationships.
  • I got to hang out with my buddy Colt who runs Elan Vital Magazine.
  • I hung out with one of my close model friends Stephanie Rosen who managed to be selected to model at shutterfest.
  • I got some new MagMod gear while I was there at ShutterFest. Still waiting on more to come in the mail.

Now for the not so positive things about ShutterFest 19

  • I didn’t manage to book the all models that I wanted to shoot with.
  • My big shoot with Tullio didn’t go as planned.
  • My other close model friend Bekah Perry bailed on ShutterFest due to being sick.

Things I plan to do differently next year

  • Shoot more! Book models in advance & possibly backup models.
  • Do less group shoots & more of my own concepts.
  • Get an airbnb. I lucked out on a room at Union Station for 2020. Besides $601 is a lot to pay for my own room for 3 nights.

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