Shutterfest 2018

Shutterfest 2018

If you have never heard of Shutterfest before then let me explain what it is to my viewers. Basically Shutterfest is a photography conference event that happens every year in St Louis, MO area at the Union Station.

Behind Union Station is a slew of places including this water area. Pretty sweet!

Photographers from all over the world come to this event to get involved in all the activities that are going on there.

This year (2018) was my first time going and probably like most first timers I didn’t know what to expect so I tried my best to pick my classes that were #1 on my list. I didn’t get all the classes I wanted but I attended the ones I did get none the less when I got there. I did walk out of one class which was a demo because it was lame as fuck.

Every hour they have this cool fire show which isn’t apart of Shutterfest itself but still cool.

In the end, I ended up only getting useful information out of a couple of the classes but majority of them were just a waste of time. However, classes isn’t all Shutterfest has to offer.

Shutterfest has everything from photowalks, classes, hands on, live demos, rent a human, stores to buy gear, goody bags and much more!!

The thing is you have to be FAST to get booked for majority of those things and I simply wasn’t fast enough to get everything I wanted my first year. 

I already booked for Shutterfest 19 which will take place next year only because they offered it as a huge discount rate.

Boudoir Shoot in Union Station Hotel Room of America

What pisses me off now is they announced that if you do not book a room at the Union Station Hotel that you will not get a goody bag at Shutterfest 19. I was one of those who didn’t book to stay at the Union Station Hotel for next years event because I simply did not like the pricing for said room. They are charging upwards of $600 a room to stay there for the 2 days that I will be there at this event which I found rather expensive!

Instead of booking a room at Union Station in St Louis MO next year I opted to rent a whole loft in downtown St Louis not far from Union Station for around $200 which is a lot more affordable! This year though Instead of driving home on the 2nd day in the middle of the night I plan to stay at my loft for 3 nights and drive back the 3rd day. 

If you are a photographer or a model you may be interested in going to Shutterfest as well. You can find out more about it at their website at

Well that’s about all I have to say about Shutterfest 18. I hope you enjoyed this article and please leave a comment or a like!
I’ll report back in 2019 on what Shutterfest 19 brings me!

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