Shutterfest Rescheduled for 2020

Shutterfest Rescheduled for 2020

Shutterfest was originally scheduled for April 14-15 with Extreme being on the 16th of April but with the news surrounding the Coronavirus and how everything has essentially been shutdown including large gatherings like this event has been rescheduled.

Sal Cincotta the owner of the event is optimistic that Shutterfest will still happen in 2020 on these new dates. I hope he is right because I love going to this event as it gets me out with other fellow photographers and models where I shoot photos long into the night.

Shutterfest 20 is now scheduled for June 30-July 1, 2020 with Extreme being on July 2. If you are a photographer who loves to Shoot, Learn, Party then I suggest you join in on this event!

I will be going to St Louis, MO from June 29 – July 2nd pending the event doesn’t get canceled or rescheduled again.

If you are a model who is attending this event please contact me if you want to shoot with me.

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